I. General Information.

Name     : Training Center
Address: 46 Langha – Dongda – Hanoi
Tel: +84(24) 38351010
Fax: +84(24) 38344975
Director of center: Dr. Tran Anh Quan

II. Main activities.
* Training
– Train Engineering doctors in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
– Train mechatronic engineers
– Train post-graduate experts in high-tech
– Trains experts in the field of CNC

– Edit and publish technical book for reseaching and studying

* Research science and technology

Training Center in collaboration with IMI HOLDING’s centers and companies, international partners implements operations of research as:

– High-presure water jet technology and equipment

– Technology and equipment for Laser, plasma cutting machinery

– Technology and equipment for machine tools

-Technology and equipment of progressive stamping

-Technology and equipment of hydroforming