Industrial ice flakes machine

Contact information

Center of Technology Transfer
Dr. Hoang Viet Hong – Vice President, Board of Management
Tel: (+84-4) 37763736
Mobile: 0913236527
Fax: (+84-4) 38344975

Productivity 20 T/24h
Power Consumption 90 kW
Supply temperature <= 200C
Product temperature – (3¸5)0C
Thickness 3÷10 mm
Ice Staging Cylinder Ф160xH1550x20 unit
Compressor 01
Screw type Type HSN 8571-125-40F from Bitzer
Solvent Freon R22
Mass 220 kg
Size (xấp xỉ) L3500xB1000xH2500
Total mass NET 1200 kg
Ice Crushing power consumption 1,5 kWx2c