Packaging machine for ultra-fine materials (hose form)

Packaging Machine for ultra-fine materials with hose is used for many materials in industries such as stone powder, cement or agricultural products such as wheat powder, flour with capacity up to 10 tons/hours


Contact information

Đơn vị: Trung tâm Nghiên cứu và Phát triển thị trường Khoa học công nghệ
Người liên hệ: ThS. Lê Hồng Sơn – Phó tổng giám đốc IMI
Tel: (+84-4) 37763187
Mobile: 0989090995
Fax: (+84-4) 38344975


Application area:

  • Packaging agricutural product: wheat flour, cassava flour, corn flour…
  • Packaging contruction materials: stone powder, dry mortal, cement, plaster, bentonite, kaolin, ultra-fine powder

Project Implemented:

  • Dry mortal packaging, capacity 20 tons/h at Ha Tien1 Cement company
  • Ultra-fine stone powder packaging, capacity 10 tons/h at Nam Cam industrial park, Nghe an
TT Parameter Value
1 Weight range 20 ÷ 50 kg
2 Balancing Weight directly into packs
3 Packaging procedure Pneumatic cylinder
4 Max error ±0,5 ÷ 1% weight
5 Filling rate 1 ÷ 6 packs/min
6 Productivity from 1 hose  5 tons/h
7 Pressure 6 ÷ 8 kg/cm
8 Voltage 380/50 (V/Hz)